When most people buy a car, they know exactly what they can afford when it comes to a vehicle payment. But what about the ADDITIONAL costs that go into owning a vehicle?

  • Cost of gas
  • Cost of routine maintenance, such as oil changes
  • Cost of vehicle insurance

All of this can add up, especially when you haven’t planned or budgeted for it. This is why Bayou City FCU offers extended warranty plans on most vehicles. We approach this product as an added benefit to being a member. Yes, there are other companies that offer warranty programs, most notably the dealership. But why pay more? These companies carry a large mark-up on the warranty price, filling their pockets with your money.

Purchase an extended warranty from Bayou City FCU and you will get:

  • A great price
  • An excellent product
  • Financial re-assurance in case of a mechanical breakdown.

Contact a Bayou City FCU loan officer today for a price quote. Vehicle mileage and VIN number required.