Mission Statement

Bayou City Federal Credit Union will provide the best possible services, by offering the highest quality products to our members. BCFCU will strive to provide quality financial education, and financial counseling whenever possible to it’s members. Staff and volunteers of BCFCU are committed to these standards and will strive to be inclusive of the community in which we operate and to place an emphasis on serving the under-served in our community.

Vision Statement

Bayou City Federal Credit Union will continue to invest in a well-trained, professional staff and team of volunteers. Competitively priced services along with total member satisfaction will always be at the forefront of our organization’s goals. All resources will be called upon to their fullest, and innovation, teamwork, and the pursuit of knowledge will be strongly encouraged.

Service Statement

Bayou City Federal Credit Union will serve all members equally. Services will be economically priced to provide for sufficient expense coverage to allow the credit union to offer such services and to survive and prosper. All members will be encouraged to participate in the democratic process of their credit union and to utilize all of the benefits of membership.