Member Service Representatives

Account representatives can answer any general question or questions pertaining to account services or products in which the Credit Union offers. For lending (loan) questions, contact an employee of the Loan Department, directly.

For Security Purposes, please do not include any confidential or sensitive information such as account number, credit/debit, or social security numbers in your email communications.

Yuridia – Main Office
Teller Supervisor
Phone: 713-704-3980
Fax: 713-704-0524

Diana – Main Office
Member Service Representative
Phone: 713-704-3980
Fax 713-704-0524

Deborah – Jones Service Center
Senior Member Service Representative
Phone: 713-791-1397
Fax: 713-796-0201


Loan Department

Personnel on hand to answer any questions regarding lending department inquiries.

Loan Officer
Phone: 713-704-0522
Fax: 713-704-4420

Senior Vice President of Lending
Phone: 713-704-0521
Fax: 713-704-4424


Are available to handle all inquiries regarding operational or management inquiries.

Phone: 713.704.0520
Fax: 713.704.4427

Ritana Layne-Santafield
President & CEO
Phone: 713-704-4943
Fax: 713.704-4428

JSC = Jones Service Center ( MHHS- TMC Jones Building – Ground Floor)